Stop Play Rewind

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Dansens Hus, Stockholm

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Mats Bäcker


Precise and innovative lightdesign

The refined lighting gets it´s own maximum prominent role in the show
Uppsala Nya Tidning

The Lightdesigner Palle Palmé sweeps in the stage and auditorium with rotating, sharp lightbeams and let the dancers play with reflecting mirrors and to dance with their desolate shadows. The lighting synchronize the movements so that the body becomes a brush
Svenska Dagbladet

Refined light design

A winning factor is the lighting from Palle Palmé who crafts moments of pure magic in collaboration with Rydman's designs and the team of the video artists. These elements reach a peak of invention in the solo for Ellen Lindblad – the individualist in a purple tutu. As she dives onto the dance floor the white surface is instantly dyed black and continues to change in a dynamic pattern of colourful light and design that mirrors the choreography in a fascinating marriage of movement and high tech. (...) Finally, the two survivors, the dominant power-suited woman, Lisa Arnold, and the intense and driven sceptic, Daniel Koivunen, battle it out in a sequence where the lighting effects are in a class of their own.

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